Wednesday, January 09, 2008

Panther City Bikes on YouTube

Bernie over at Panther City Bikes just posted this little promo video on the PCB blog. In his post about the video he writes: "Behold the raw power of what Jason likes to call my ".38 Special" 'stache!"

Is this indeed a .38 Special mustache? Watch the video and then judge.

As for me, I'm already convinced. Jason, you nailed it. I offer you Exhibit A, the guy on the left:

BTW, you can actually vote on whether on not Bernie should grow his stash back. Visit the PCB blog to cast your vote. But hurry up, because only two days remain.

1 comment:

LPJ said...

Who wouldn't vote for the 'stache? Although, I think he should either go full-on Rollie Fingers or try this option, which is so awesome it cannot be named. For what it's worth, I have had a beard since December 19th, and am telling people it's to support my brothers and sisters in the Writer's Strike.