Tuesday, April 17, 2007

Ornette Coleman Wins A Pulitzer

Fort Worth's own jazz legend Ornette Coleman won a Pulitzer Prize on Monday for his latest work, Sound Grammar. "It means to me what it would mean to any American person, that ... America has a very good heart for artists and creative people," the saxophonist told the Startlegram's Preston Jones. "I was shocked to realize that I have actually made logic into something that has meaning, which I call music."

Although he's touring in the fall, right now their are no plans to come to Fort Worth or anywhere else in Texas. "I haven't heard about coming to Fort Worth," said Coleman, an I.M. Terrell High School alumnus. "I haven't given up hoping that it happens. I'm sure I'm going to get there one day."

Bring it on home, Ornette. And congratulations!

RELATED: Dallas' Lawrence Wright, author of one of my favorite books about Texas -- In the New World -- also took home a Pulitzer for general non-fiction Monday for The Looming Tower, his best-selling investigation of the 9-11 attacks. Congratulations!

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