Sunday, December 07, 2008

Caldo de Pollo at Benito's

My good friend, Paul Boll, tells me has always told me that the chicken soup at Benito's has magic healing powers. Last Thursday, I got to put it to the test after spending my morning with chills and aches, I high-tailed it over to Benito's with Dan McCarron to experience the healing power for myself.

The tasty soup gave me a temporary bounce, at least enough to get through my post-lunch conference call, but that didn't keep my health from heading south faster than a subprime mortgage lender. The flu's a bitch this season, people. I've spent the past few days in bed.

Final verdict: Magical, no. Tasty, yes.


Anonymous said...

Did not see Margarita next to soup....big mistake.

pete asplund said...

as with all magic, there must be a certain level of faith.
I can testify to the healing powers of benito's chicken soup... I've seen it many times.