Monday, June 18, 2007

All Over The Place Dining

My good friend Dominick has left the building -- or at least Fort Worth. D is now in New York City pursuing his photography full-time, but one of his parting bits of wisdom was to try the all-you-can eat vegan pancake feed at Spiral Diner on Magnolia.

Well, I'm willing to try new things. I like to eat the animals, but going meat-free for a meal doesn't bother me, so me and the fam dropped in on Saturday morning to give it a try. Unfortunately, I wish I had listened closer to D about the pancake feed -- it's Sunday only. Undetered, we stayed for lunch and I have to say I enjoyed it. I had the Big Taquito, a dollop of Tofu Scramble with diced sausage, onions, red bell pepper, potatoes and avocado, all wrapped, grilled and sealed in a tortilla. This pretty much bolstered my theory that you can wrap just about anything in a tortilla and have taste good.

That night, we enjoyed a completely opposite dining experience -- M&M Steakhouse on the North Side. It's dark, it's dingy. The walls are covered with deer heads, barbed wire and neon signs. The jukebox is loaded with records (not CDs) from likes of Webb Pierce, Commander Cody and Roy Acuff. There's ain't a non-smoking section. And they cook up a mean ribeye. Happy Father's Day to me.

Just so my body would be thoroughly confused, we went back to the Spiral Diner for pancakes on Sunday. I must say that was a righteous feed. I had two plates of blueberry pancakes and a side of tofu sausage that was pretty heavy on the thyme, and chased it down with fresh squeezed OJ and a cup a joe. Those were probably the best pancakes I've had in Fort Worth, and I like the ones at Paris Coffee Shop quite a bit. I'm glad they didn't know where I ate dinner the night before. They might have refused service.

If you think your body can handle it, give the M&M/Spiral combo a try. And if you do, drop me a line. I might join you.

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