Thursday, April 05, 2007

Check Out CultureFeast

I discovered a cool blog called Culture Feast today. I knew I would like it because it called out Dale Hansen for pretty much being Dale Hansen. OK, so maybe Dale ain't father of the year material, but he did get fired for throwing Clarice Tinsley in a swimming pool, and that's got to be worth some points, right?[Nope, that was Kevin McCarthy who threw Clarice in the pool. Guess that makes Dale pretty much irredeemable.]


DanielthePoet said...

Thanks for the plug... I've been dubbed "Mr. Controversy" by my boss because I seem to contradict more than agree.

Sometimes I wonder whether or not to say anything about the stupid things a person says, but in Dale Hansen's case, I have no regrets. The guy is full of himself, and I can't figure out why. Randy Galloway is a hundred times the sports personality that Hansen is.

Steve-O said...

I love your blog. And don't worry about being "Mr. Controversy." I've carved out that territory myself, and I'm riding it all the way to the bottom.

Regarding Dale, I had some dealings with him back in my newspaper days and he's actually an alright guy. He always was ready to help out with special events for high school athletes and that kind of thing. That's why it is so surprising that he dogs this golfer for wanting to be there when his wife had a baby. I mean, for me personally, the day my daughter was born was the best day of my life. I hate to think that I could have missed it. To be there when someone is born (or dies) is sort of the essence of life. You are right there on the edge when everything is the most extreme, the most raw. I never felt more alive than that moment.

Anonymous said...

It wasnt Dale Hansen who got fired for that, it was Kevin McCarthy.

Steve-O said...

You are correct, Mr. Anonymous. Upon further review, Dale got the ax allegedly for off-camera problems with Clarice. However, throwing her in a pool wasn't one of them. I regret the error.