Tuesday, March 20, 2007

Bluebonnet Circle Park To Get A Facelift

I'm trying to be more involved in the community, and I'm failing miserably. For instance, I planned to attend this community meeting on the Bluebonnet Circle Park. And I whiffed it. The city was presenting the proposed designs. Every design presented had the standard needed elements/criteria within (ex: shade, benches, lighting, paths, etc.). The difference between the designs was the overall feel and style portrayed. See what you think.

Concepts 1a and 1b honor the traditional, formal style of the park. It restores and updates the historical nature of the park and pays tribute to the original designers, Hare & Hare.

Concept 2 breaks from the traditional lines of the park and takes on a more free form style. The park flows back and forth with grade changes and open space.

Concept 3 concentrates on massing of vegetative styles; trees, grasses, open lawn. The massings break the parks uniformity slightly for interest.

Which do I prefer? Number 2, I guess. I like the asymetrical aspect to the design. But honestly, I'd probably be OK with any of them.

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