Wednesday, December 26, 2007

My Favorite Tunes, 2007

I have a love-hate relationship with year-end best-of lists. I like to see what other people are listening to or want you to think they are listening to. However, I don't really get the opportunity to listen to enough new material to offer an authoritative list.

My Top 10 Songs
1. Peter Bjorn and John, “Young Folks” – This song made whistling cool again. Not that whistling was ever uncool.
2. Spoon, “I Got Yr. Cherry Bomb” – If I ever got drunk, this would be the song I would listen to 73 times in a row. I am speaking theoretically, mind you. Plus, they look cool in the library (see above).
3. Stars, “Bitches in Tokyo” – Stars > Arcade Fire.
4. RJD2, “A Beautiful Mine” – The theme song to AMC's Mad Men is actually a 2006 song. But who cares?
5. Salim Nourallah, “I Miss You” – Salim makes sadness sound sooo good.
6. Feist, “1234” – Yeah, she's everywhere. But I loves me some Leslie Feist.
7. Amy Winehouse, “Back to Black” – Stay tuned for the flameout, but Winehouse recorded 1965's best album in 2007.
8. John Doe, “The Golden State” – Best X song of the year. Kathleen Edwards reminded me that I'm not over Exeen yet.
9. Flight of the Conchords, “Business Time” – Team Building Exercise '99!
10. The Shins, “Australia” – I think people kind of forgot about this album. Too bad. It's good bubblegum.

My Top 5 Albums
1. Salim NourallahSnowing in My Heart. Salim and Rhett Miller both want to be Ray Davies when they grow up. Salim's already got it nailed down.
2. SpoonGa Ga Ga Ga Ga.
3. FeistThe Reminder. As I mentioned earlier, Feist is ubiquitous, yet not overhyped. She's that good.
4. Amy WinehouseBack to Black. Who woulda thought a trainwreck could sound this good?
5. Peter Bjorn and JohnWriter’s Block. Everyone knows "Young Folks," but this album has several great songs on it.

8 Albums I Wish I Had Listened To
Stuff I’ve heard bits of and liked but didn’t get a listen in ’07. And, no, I couldn't think of 10:
1. Band Of HorsesCease To Begin
2. The NationalBoxer
3. Patty GriffinChildren Running Through
4. Polyphonic SpreeThe Fragile Army
5. LCD SoundsystemSound of Silver
6. The New PornographersChallengers
7. The KillersSawdust
8. Ryan AdamsEasy Tiger

The Best Paragraph Written about Music This Year
A few weeks ago, Robert Christgau wrote on Slate about Journey's improbable comeback. He set the record straight:
"Let's get this party started quickly. Journey sucks. They sucked in 1981, they'll suck in 2033, and they suck now. Who gives a fuck what Tony Soprano thinks? What I love about Tony Soprano when he's not killing people (and sometimes when he is) is that he prevails with his brain but isn't above bringing his body into the contest. That's very rock 'n' roll. But does it mean that I want to eat at Artie Bucco's (the diner, maybe, no onion rings please), or live in that McMansion (unless he installs a lot of bookcases)? Uh-uh. Of course he likes hyperemotional arena rock from his flaming youth. In 10 years, he'll be ordering up Celine Dion's 'My Heart Will Go On.'"

In a word, boo-yah.


jason.s said...

Not too off from my list (if I were to make one). I would add Wilco's Blue Sky Blue to my favorite albums, which would have New P, AFire and The National...

Hope you had a good holiday!

Steve-O said...

I heard a little of the Arcade Fire and loved it. The Wilco, however, was a bit of a disappointment. Not bad exactly, but it did drag me back to the cave.

Good to hear from you, Jason. Hope East Coast time is treating you right.

Pete said...

Yeah, I don't get the Journey thing, either. Some friends of ours with whom we share otherwise similar tastes in music are all ga-ga over them.

They suck. They sucked in the 80's, and they suck just as much (or more) 25 years later.

Leslie T Travis said...

I love Steve Perry's voice. Unless Steve is the not lead singer if or when they reunite - well that's another matter.